Ironmen 2018 - annual one-day men’s conference. See "Sermons" page for Feb 10th audio. 

Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. (1 Cor 16:13)

Topics and speakers for the 2018 conference were:
• Jesus As Son - Brad Arnold - Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church, Springdale AR
• Jesus As Husband - Ted Johnson - Pastor, Bible Church of Owasso, Owasso OK
• Ministry to the Poor : Embracing Our Father’s Special Mission
  Joe Blankenship - Pastor, Springs of Grace, Tulsa OK
• Rearing Sons: Sacrificing Ourselves for Tomorrow’s Leaders
  Mike Fanning - Pastor, Sapulpa Bible Church, Sapulpa OK
• Adoption: Extending Our Family Love
  Adam Clark - Assoc Pastor, Bible Church of Owasso, Owasso OK
• Brothers, More Than Friends: Considering the True Nature of Christian Relationships -
  Terry Devitt - Assistant Pastor, Bible Church of Owasso, Owasso OK

Fathers and sons, husbands and wives : crucial relationships in any generation. Yet, our tumultuous times call for men to focus intently on these priority relationships. The Scripture points us to one Man - Jesus, the model son, the perfect husband.  What is it to be a son of our Heavenly Father? How do we relate with Christ as part of His Bride, the Church? And then what are the implications for our own husbanding and fathering?